Facebook, or Stalkerbook?

Facebook has transformed the way I communicate and network with friends.

Instead of calling my friend on her cell phone, I post on her Facebook wall. Instead of seeing what my friend is up to – I check his Facebook status. Sometimes I even cringe at the Facebook drama [and yes internet lingo]:

“At this point its [sic] sad to think some people use facebook as a weapon, and defriend and even threaten others on their wall [sic] you guys belong on myspace.” –Facebook friend’s note

Facebook will celebrate its sixth birthday next month. It is the second most widely used internet website, after Google. It boasts over 350 million active users. (Source: Facebook)

In its January 30th issue, The Economist devotes a 9-page special report to social networking. It attributes Facebook’s popularity to the “network effect,” which essentially means: the audience of a social network will initially grow slowly  – then explode exponentially at a certain threshold.

Personally, I find Facebook to be an excellent networking tool. Through Facebook I keep in touch with hundreds of contacts, some of whom I met in Junior High School and, without Facebook, would never have connected. However, I’m not a fan of sharing personal information. My Facebook info is blank – I only share my school networks and AIM screen name.

I don’t think it is necessary to advertise my political and religious views.


4 Responses to Facebook, or Stalkerbook?

  1. spicer247 says:

    While I am a pretty big supporter of Facebook (user for 5 years – yikes), I have always never been keen about the political usage of the site. I don’t feel that a social networking site should be the place where heated political conversations take place. There are more appropriate forums for that. I mean come on, the Internet is massive, don’t tell me that Facebook is the best place for this.
    Unfortunately, this is the world we live in.

  2. Chinapen247 says:

    Well written. I definitely agree that facebook is a very useful tool, particularly when it comes to networking.
    Nice job! 🙂

  3. fposillico says:

    I agree, but Facebook is even a better tool for us journalists. Need a name? Got it! Need to find a student on deadline? Got it! It’s the perfect tool to get to know a little bit more about a person. And remember, it’s journalism not stalking.

  4. I feel as if, with the growing popularity among all age groups, Facebook is just turning into the “cool” Myspace.

    It is the people that make up the vibe and feel of Facebook and it seems that Myspace users all merely migrating over.

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