The Economist Premium Online Access

New users who register for The Economist online are granted 14 days of premium access.  Premium access includes searchable archives and a print edition contents page.

After the trial period, users can extend their premium access by purchasing an online or print subscription to The Economist.

I see this as a bit of a pay-wall variant. It is perhaps not so extreme that it charges users for regular access to news, but rather gives paying users convenient tools and archive access.

The New York Times online has plans to release a pay-wall sometime next year. After a set number of views non-paying users may no longer be able to view more articles. When I first heard of this – instantly what came to my mind was, “Loopholes?”

Will the NYTs count my views and log my IP address? If so users can set dynamic IPs or use proxies to infinitely view articles without paying. Or will NYTs require users to login and then begin the view count as a logged in user? If so, users can create multiple accounts to avoid paying.

Media organizations have been struggling with a dilemma: set pay-walls/variants to generate online revenue, but risk alienating users who refuse to pay and thus driving down Ad revenue.

I don’t have the money to pay for American news that I could otherwise access elsewhere for free.


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