Newsday’s Ad Revenues Plummet

The New York Times reports that Newsday’s Ad revenues have dropped 20 percent. Its parent company, Cablevision, reports a profit across all his divisions, except Newsday.

Newsday’s predicament illustrates how staff and budget cuts can drive a once fruitful newspaper into the red. Newsday was once a widely respected paper. It featured experienced journalists that have mostly either been cut or resigned. Today, Newsday seems to err on the side of mediocrity, most particularly, its online interface.

But I am not surprised. The quality of journalism that a paper can deliver usually suffers when corporate hard-liners demand exorbitantly high profit margins while making major cuts. Newsday is no exception. Unfortunately many other papers find themselves in similar situations. They are driven by profit margins.

But, I am glad that 2 of my favorite papers still deliver relatively good news stories and offer solid journalism – The New York Times and The Washington Post.


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