Digital Journalism is Transforming Network News

Amid growing pressures to slash costs and bolster profit margins news organizations have made dramatic staff and budget cuts.

These cuts extend to reporters in the field.

While the classic field crew includes 4 workers (producer, correspondent, camera operator, and sound engineer) some network news journalists have become “one-man crews.” Wielding digital cameras, reporters follow their stories without help from a sound technician or camera operator – they do it all themselves.

ABC’s 25 percent staff cut has rekindled fears that the quality of journalism suffers from massive cuts.

Sure one person can run the camera, produce, report, grab quotes and control sound-effects – but can one person perform as well as 4? Maybe not.

“I couldn’t do some basic journalism because I needed to worry about tech stuff.” – Dan Harris , an anchor and correspondent for ABC News who faced field work without a crew


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