Google TV?

Google, Intel and Sony have teamed up to tackle a new venture that would bring web content to television sets.

The hardware in development is called Google TV.

Google TV would combine the Web with television. Using internet applications on the TV would be as easy as changing a channel. It would run on Android and use the Google browser, Google Chrome.

Google and Intel have little influence in the realm of television, so Google TV will be an attempt to dip into this arena. It will be a symbol of Google’s market dominance and sucessful entrepeneurship.

Google won’t just be the default search engine or a common verb, (“google it!” – note lower-case g) but once it masters Google TV, it might extend into our living rooms and transform the way we consume media.


One Response to Google TV?

  1. Clemens says:

    I am very excited for Google TV! This is an interesting thing that I would like to know more of! Thanks for sharing.

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