Apple Censorship. No Bikinis, No Adobe Flash

When Apple banned images of women in bikinis and any sexual content from its iPhone apps, somehow, Playboy and Sports Illustrated swim suit apps were excluded.

Meanwhile, Apple’s soon to be released iPad won’t run Adobe Flash, leaving some websites scrambling for an iPad friendly homepage. Steve Jobs called the Flash program buggy and that it crashes Macs.

These curations are a form of censorship. And I don’t approve of it.

Sure, Apple owns the iPhone and iPad mediums and so should be allowed to control the content that streams through them, but where does the censorship stop?

If, or should I more accurately say – when, print media make the digital switch, (some, like the NYT and Condé Nast have already have developed iPad Apps) Apple absolutely should keep a hands off approach and not demand content be neutered.

Apple already has an influential hand in the music industry with it’s iTunes store. It’s influence extends to media websites and program designers who are abandoning Flash in an effort for iPad compatibility. But how much influence is too much?

What if Apple chooses to ban certain media organizations’ apps or not run certain news stories on its hardware?

Woe to us should Apple ever curate the news media.


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