eBooks Prices Set to Rise

Similar to other parts of the media industry, publishing is being transformed by the internet.

The publishing industry is preparing for a future where ebooks dominate sales. Meanwhile market analysts expect the iPad will further bolster ebook sales.

Although book print sales are on the decline, ebook sales are on the rise. But sales won’t be the only thing on the rise, so will ebook prices.

Amazon, which has embraced a wholesale pricing model, has been selling top-selling ebooks for its Kindle at $9.99. Publishers say this has trained consumers to expect ebooks at low prices. They have turned to Apple. The company agreed to a business model where publishers would set the price of ebooks.

Reportedly, Amazon has agreed to similar terms with other big publishing companies.

What does this mean? Expect the prices of ebooks to jump to as much as $14.99. At a price like that, who would even buy the ebook, as opposed to obtain a pirated version? Although publishers have set in motion plans to increase the price of ebooks (to widen ever thinning profit margins), it’s possible there will be an ironic effect – a wave of piracy fed by the increased cost of ebooks.


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