South Korea Combats Music Piracy

In South Korea, the music industry is plagued by piracy.

The nation is a world leader in most pirated media and the American government placed it on a watch list for consistently not protecting intellectual properties.

But last year, South Korea enacted restrictive new copyright laws. The new legislation allowed for a “3 strikes” warning system to combat overwhelming waves of music piracy.

Copyright infringers would be given a warning after each piracy offense, after the third offense a user’s broadband service would be removed.

The result was a rise in music sales by over 10 percent in 2009 – this is notable in an industry that typically sees declines.

France and Britain have created similar systems in response to the success of the 3 strikes legislation in South Korea.

The issue of piracy illustrates a cyclic struggle between pirates and law enforcement. As technology and media distribution become more advanced and more prolific, so will  piracy. That is  inevitable. Law enforcement responds with tighter laws and state of the art tracking codes to find the mass downloading pirates – but in turn pirates find legal loopholes or stealthy IP masks etc to elude enforcement officials.

In the digital information age, information yearns to be free.


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