Save the Net!

When ISP and corporate giant Comcast blocked BitTorrent from streaming through its pipes, the FCC called the activity illegal.

Comcast sued the FCC and in a reversal of fortune, a federal court ruled that the Comcast could regulate internet traffic in its own system.

What does this mean? The ruling sheds light on a vital issue – under current law the FCC has questionable ability to regulate broadband Internet access.

It’s a win for Republicans, Comcast and other ISPs, all of whom disfavor regulation – and a step away from the concept of Net Neutrality – that is, in its most simple form, the idea that the Internet should be open, equal and free.

But the FCC could adjust its domain (of lack therof) over broadband acess with a simple 3-2 vote among FCC commissioners. But FCC chairman, Julius Genachowsiki seems to be a flip-flopper.

He may abandon promises to enforce net neutrality in the U.S.

I’m not looking forward to tiered pricing.


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