The Blogosphere

HTML coding, hyper-links, citations, quotes, individual style – it’s no wonder a new blogger might be lost and befuddled!

But you can survive the pummeling: here are a couple fast tips to help you maintain and navigate your own blog through the blogosphere.

1) Sources!

Have you ever read a blog, seen an un-cited fact or statistic and wondered, “hmm, is this really a fact or did the author pull it out of thin air?” When you cite a fact or when you link to a reputable source – it not only substantiates your fact, but it helps to show, indeed you did not make up this fact. (Note also: stating un-cited facts for which you are not the progenitor of may technically be plagiarism)

The prefered method in the blog world  would be adding a link, either through HTML code or simply with the WordPress tool.

ie: In one NYT article, consumers lamented about a Cascade line of dishwasher detergents.

Also, I’d suggest setting your link to open in a new window or tab (as opposed to opening in the same window) Once readers reach your blog, you want to capture them for as long as possible.

2) Content

For JRN 301, blog content should be related or relevant to journalism, its ongoing transformations (in business, the internet, quality, service, delivery etc), or news that affect journalism, including, but not limited to:  cultural consumerism, stock markets, mergers, media giant enterprises and changing FCC regulations that affect journalism.

3) Style

Your blog is an expression of your voice. Make it as formal or informal as you like. Use your discretion as you craft posts that convey news and your point of view to readers. Some students have went on to include their blog in their journalism/resume portfolios.

I hope this helped. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to comment here or email me. :]


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