Google Chrome OS Netbook Cr-48

When I applied for Google’s Cr-48 netbook pilot program I did not expect I would ever be a beta tester.

Under the pilot program, Google sends each of its beta testers a Cr-48 netbook, which runs on the new Chrome OS (distinct from Windows and Mac, but runs on Linux).

I am excited to report that Google sent me one of its Chrome OS netbooks. (See the unboxing video below)

It’s an interesting device. The OS is unique. It functions like some sort of deeply immersed internet browser and is built exclusively for web applications. If you’ve used the Google Chrome browser before, imagine that but applied to a desktop variation.

For word processing I can use Google Docs, an open source program.

Chrome OS operates under a relatively new commercially applied concept of cloud storage and servers. Instead of storing your data and files locally, you store them on remote servers. If your local machine or device is destroyed, your files are not since they are stored remotely.

Cloud computing has already transformed the way I manage, store and use my files. From DropBox and now to Chrome OS.

At 3.8 pounds, here are the Cr-48 Specs:

Processor: Intel Atom Processor N455 1.66GHz 512K Cache

Chipset: Intel CG82NM10 PCH

Motherboard: Tripod Motherboard MARIO – 6050A240910 – MB – A03

Ram: Hynix 2GB DDR3 1Rx8 PC3 – 10600S Ram

Read Only Memory: ITE IT8500E Flash ROM

SSD Drive: SanDisk sdsa4dh-016G 16GB SATA SSD

Wireless Wan: Qualcomm Gobi2000 PCI Express Mini Card

3g Adapter: AzureWave 802.11 a/b/g/n PCI-E Half MiniCard

Bluetooth: Atheros AR5BBU12 Bluetooth V2.1 EDR


4 Responses to Google Chrome OS Netbook Cr-48

  1. RORA BANG says:

    Ah Cloud storage, much like the NETID system, in which all the sync site computers are part of a network that stores the data? Or just like dropbox, which I love using.

    The laptop sounded cool and convenient from the beginning, but after reading your well-written blog, I see it as an over-sized netbook (with faster speed than most netbooks, im guessing, which is the only perk)

    Maybe the product itself is failure, but I guess it provides a rung in the stepladder to better laptops/netbooks?

  2. Nick says:

    Was that you doing the unboxing? How do you like the Chrome OS? I’ve had high hopes for it, though these days I feel like Android/iOS style platforms are where things are going, even for netbooks and perhaps eventually even desktops.

    • Lew says:

      Yes, that was me doing the unboxing. I’m not too fond of the Chrome OS. Imagine the Google Chrome internet browser on full screen and you cannot close it – that is the Chrome OS.

      The biggest pro though (from a casual user’s POV) is probably that the sandbox version is extremely difficult to hack or corrupt.

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